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4 Mobile Time Clock Apps for Business

Posted by on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

With millions of mobile employees, it’s important that companies take the steps to properly record their employees time. To be compliant with state and federal regulations, companies are required to track an hourly employees time (including federally mandated breaks). They also have to be aware of issues like employee time theft. Keeping track of that time is more difficult when employees are remote. In the past, employees would fax or email their time sheet to the office. Now with mobile technology, it makes it easier for the employee to clock in and out and integration with payroll processing software takes the headache out of processing payroll. A Mobile time clock is the most efficient way to keep track of an employees time on the go.

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For larger companies, it’s beneficial to find a way to integrate your mobile employees payroll with the mobile device they are using in the field. There are many ways to integrate with companies like CellTrak (for healthcare field employees), Xora (time track with GPS), and many more. True Wireless works with these third party companies to figure out what the best and most cost effective mobile time clock solution is for your business.

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For a small business with only a few mobile employees or freelancer, handling payroll or time and expense tracking can be as simple as using time saving mobile time clock apps. Below are 4 mobile apps you can find on either the Android Marketplace or the Apple Store that can keep track of time and projects on the go,


1. Pay Record


Pay Record is an app that is compatible with the iPad and IPhone. This app records regular time, overtime, and double time and also tracks the location of clock-in and out events with GPS. Pay Record is compatible with Quickbooks, a popular accounting and payroll software for small to mid-size businesses. The employee also has the option of sending the pay records via email.


2. Android Time Card


Android Time Card is a simple app that collects the employees time. They can check in and out and also keep track of what projects they are working on and what clients they are working for. There is a Free Version, however the full version which also offers the option to import job names, keep track of mileage, keep track of earnings and attach notes. The data is imported to a .csv file which is compatible with many payroll processing softwares.


3.  Hours Tracker


Similar to Pay Record, Hours Tracker is also an Iphone/Ipad app. It keeps track of your time and attendance and also projects that you are working on. This data can be viewed or emailed via CSV format.


4. Time Werks

Time Werks is an application for Iphone and Ipads. It not only keeps track of your punch and out, you can track multiple projects and clients. You can track and invoice billable items and even email those invoices immediately. With third party apps, you can integrate credit card payments from the system as well. You don’t need a wifi connection to enter and view data. You can export data with a wifi connection. This would be a great solution for a freelancer, consultant, contractor or salesperson.

The above apps are great solutions for individuals or a small group of individuals wanting to keep track of time. There are also many other ways to keep track of employees time using mobile time clock solutions. For corporations, it’s important to choose a system that integrates with your payroll processing software as it will save you time, money, and sanity when keeping track of your mobile employees.


Image of  Replicon’s CloudClock courtesy of Replicon**


Contact us to help you find a mobile time clock solution that works best for your business. We have the knowledge of evaluating and deploying a solution that will save you time and money. We can also help you with other needs of your wireless workforce.


** The original post listed the Image Credit of Tab Times and in actuality it was Replicon. The above image is of the Replicon’s Cloud Clock, another mobile time clock solution

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