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Wireless Mobility Management for Healthcare – The New Frontier

Posted by on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013


Wireless Mobility Management

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In recent years, businesses have turned to Wireless Mobility Management to increase profits, cut costs, and increase efficiency in their organizations. We have seen a huge growth in the use of wireless mobility in the health care industry. Anyone who has visited a physicians office or hospital in the past year may have seen healthcare providers using laptops or tablets to access and maintain medical records. We can see how being able to access medical records on the go can be beneficial to the goal of providing the best care for a patient, but what about the risks?

Benefits of Healthcare Mobility

Medical Wireless Mobility Management

Images Courtesy of LanDesk

There are many benefits to having doctors and other health care providers using mobile devices. The biggest benefit is to the patients. By having health care providers that are able to access records immediately from any location, it allows them to treat the patient more effectively and find solutions faster. There is no waiting for medical records or until they get into the office. Doctors are able to collaborate immediately via text message or video chat. Also with apps and access to complete information, they can make better decisions as they have all the tools and resources they need.

In the past, healthcare providers had to be at a computer at the hospital or office to access records. Now they can access them from virtually anywhere. This mobility has increased the effectiveness of treatment and may have saved countless lives. Despite all of the benefits, there are some serious challenges for healthcare providers and wireless mobility management.


Challenges for Wireless Healthcare

Medical Wireless Mobility Management

Images Courtesy of LanDesk

Every company that employs wireless mobility has to face issues, however, with the healthcare industry they have more regulations that they have to abide by. HIPPA laws make hospitals and healthcare providers responsible for maintaining patient’s privacy. If these laws are broken, there are hefty fines that can be assessed. In a wireless environment where this medical information becomes more accessible and portable, healthcare companies are opening themselves up to security issues from lost devices to hacking.

It’s reported 70% of hospitals are allowing some physicians to use personal devices at point of care. By allowing the physicians to access information on their own device, there is always that inherent risk of data being lost.

Because of these risks, IT Departments and Wireless Mobility Management companies are taking steps to ensure that medical records (and the organizations handling them) are safe and protected.


Despite the security issues, wireless mobility is continuing to grow in the healthcare industry. It’s a reality that most healthcare providers in the next few years will be employing some type of wireless mobility management at their facilities.

Are you a healthcare company that needs help with your wireless mobility management? Whether you allow your employees to use their own devices (BYOD) or you provide the device, True Wireless can help you with your Wireless Mobility Management so that your patient’s information stays secure and you can take advantage of all the benefits wireless mobility has to offer.

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